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North Narrabeen Night


Narrabeen Beach is one of Australia's iconic surfing and swimming beaches. Over three kilometres of sand stretch from Long Reef in the south to the Narrabeen Lagoon entrance in the north, with four surf lifesaving clubs along the beach providing qualified, volunteer lifesaver patrols to protect swimmers and surf/beach users from the numerous rips along the beach. The beach faces the east and receives increasing protection to the south from 36 metre high Long Reef Point which protrudes two kilometres out to sea.

Narrabeen is best known for the world famous North Narrabeen break, breeding ground of some of the world's best surfers, including world champions. It is also the site of numerous local, national and international events. In bigger south swell, the Narrabeen bombie offers both lefts and is now a tow-in site. Beach breaks abound down the beach, with the central Gardens area the most popular, while at Collaroy the smaller waves attract the learners and inexperienced.

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