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Shibuya Sky


Shibuya Scramble Square is a mixed-use skyscraper connected to Shibuya Station in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

It is part of a redevelopment of the station area. Located at Shibuya Station, the complex consists of three buildings, including an eastern building, Shibuya Scramble Square (229.71 m height), a central building (61 m height) and a western building (76 m height). Construction of the complex began in 2014 and is due to end in 2027, with an area of 276,000 m2. The eastern building of the complex, the Shibuya Scramble Square skyscraper, was completed in October 2019 and opened on November 1, 2019, with an area of 181,000 m2. Shibuya Scramble Square surpassed the Cerulean Tower in height and became the highest skyscraper in the district of Shibuya. The Shibuya Scramble Square underground floor is directly connected to Shibuya Station. An observation deck, “SHIBUYA SKY”, is located on the roof of the skyscraper. The complex includes shops, offices, an observation deck, and a parking area.

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